05 February 2021

Episode 105: Clean Sweep

It's currently over 50 degrees (F) outside my office where I sit as I type this, but we've just come out of something of a cold, windy spell. You know, Winter. Some winters back, when I lived in a very old house with an old furnace plugged into an even older chimney, the gas meter reader came out of my basement with some bad and dare I say life-threatening news - there was a big build up of carbon monoxide around the furnace. And I thought the sleepiness I felt every evening as I sat in front of the TV just a thin covering of aging floorboards away from said furnace was from having to get under a blanket in the drafty old house. Nope. What happened next was ... well, that's why you're here this week! Enjoy "Clean Sweep," and stay warm and safely cozy, friends.

You know the drill:

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After listening to the podcast (or while listening), visit one of these sites and donate for the cause, because All Black Lives Matter and my fellow white (and cis) people we need to get in the game:

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Donate to the Equal Justice Initiative

Transgender Law Center

The poems will continue to flow, but so must the Justice.


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