12 February 2021

Episode 106: Prayer for the Eternal Wanderer

This doesn't happen often, but occasionally I'll pull together a draft of a poem and then rework it into its final form, even publish it in a book, but keep the original draft filed away. And then I later discover that draft after the first poem is already out there in the world. And then I rework the draft again and publish it in another book. So far, this has only happened with one poem, of which I am reading the first iteration to you this week, "Prayer for the Eternal Wanderer," from "Blue." Thematically it shares a space with episode 004's poem "In the Far and Bitter End," but comes at the sentiment from a different angle, the remove of the person who stayed behind and seeks to divine the motives of our protagonist of the waves. Next week I'll read the latter version of that poem. It is an exercise for you, dear listener, to determine whether or not I should have left well enough alone. 

Ah, quick programming note: the mic was a little hot this week, I'll fix it next week, promise.

You know the drill:

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