16 September 2022


 Today is my birthday, and to celebrate that I wrote some flash fiction. Enjoy!

Beep beep beep beep…


Consciousness found him, but only just so. The steady rhythm came to his ears muffled, as though he were under water.

23 August 2022

Ensigns Rodriguez and Simmons: Titan Run Trilogy Vignettes

 I wrote the below as the beginning scenes for a new short story that I'll soon be sending out. In my editing process I realized that these are completely divorced from the rest of the story and therefore had to be cut. However! The story's loss is your gain, since I decided to share them here, for free!

If you're new to the Titan Run Trilogy Universe and want to read more, you can find more information here on this blog (book excerpts, essays, etc.) and/or visit TitanRunTrilogy.space  to get the novel trilogy where an older Dalton and Gonzo are among the cast of characters (for $5.98 you can read the entire trilogy on your Kindle device). If you're a fan of the trilogy, first thank you for reading and I hope you have the chance to leave a review -- Amazon, Goodreads, or anywhere on social media. Your good word would do a world of good in spreading the, um, word about the Titan Run Trilogy.

That's enough out of me, now, some vignettes featuring a young Ensign Dalton Simmons and his best friend, a young Ensign Gonzalo "Gonzo" Rodriguez:

17 June 2022

Just Happy to Be Here, A Remembrance of Jonny

He came into the world in what I can only assume was the usual way a puppy does, but blind. Someone was kind enough to raise him even given this congenital challenge. According to the Rescue where I adopted him from he was found tied up in someone’s back yard and surrendered to them. Whether that’s his true origin story or not is immaterial, but it definitely works as an emotional ploy when you’re looking to convince someone to adopt a blind dog. 

16 April 2022

Episode 202 - Astrophysical Considerations During Fourth Meal

Another one from the Taco Bell Quarterly rejections file. Admittedly, reading it again and knowing TBQ's voice, this wasn't a great fit, but I still think it's a fun little piece of absurdism that I'd like to share with you.

A couple more of these to go before I likely go dark again, unless I start selling a lot of poetry books and y'all demand that I carry on (https://lefthandrob.net is where you can find the links to the goods).

Left Hand Poetry: My Podcast of Poems

09 April 2022

Episode 201 - They keep it cold inside the Taco Bell...

Friends, it's a been a few months and I might be a little rusty on my intro-ad libbing chops, but stick with me into the poem itself. It's fun, and hopefully up to my own standards for Weird. For this is the first in my little series of items, Taco Bell Quarterly Rejections.

As mentioned in the pod, if you haven't go check out Taco Bell Quarterly. For poetry, it's a dream publication. If I could sneak in some Taco-Bell related Sci Fi, well that would be just perfect. 

There's a Ko-fi link on my lefthandrob.net home page, where you might be reading this, if you want to help support the production of this podcast.

And however much I'd like to see those dollars trickle in via ko-fi, I'd much rather you take that hard earned currency and donate it to one of the charities listed on that same site. Because we live in a capitalist society and the work toward justice and equality and maybe even equity requires money to run.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the poem. If you're happy I'm back, let me know with a comment or a tweet. If you wish I'd gone away for good, same.


Left Hand Poetry: My Podcast of Poems