09 April 2022

Episode 201 - They keep it cold inside the Taco Bell...

Friends, it's a been a few months and I might be a little rusty on my intro-ad libbing chops, but stick with me into the poem itself. It's fun, and hopefully up to my own standards for Weird. For this is the first in my little series of items, Taco Bell Quarterly Rejections.

As mentioned in the pod, if you haven't go check out Taco Bell Quarterly. For poetry, it's a dream publication. If I could sneak in some Taco-Bell related Sci Fi, well that would be just perfect. 

There's a Ko-fi link on my lefthandrob.net home page, where you might be reading this, if you want to help support the production of this podcast.

And however much I'd like to see those dollars trickle in via ko-fi, I'd much rather you take that hard earned currency and donate it to one of the charities listed on that same site. Because we live in a capitalist society and the work toward justice and equality and maybe even equity requires money to run.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the poem. If you're happy I'm back, let me know with a comment or a tweet. If you wish I'd gone away for good, same.


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