26 April 2008

Welcome Friends!

This was written Saturday evening
Welcome. This is the third time I've tried to use this "Blogger/Blogspot" interface to do a regular-ish weblog. I've been practising on my Myspace weblog for a couple of months now, and I'm going to give this another shot.
A welcome to any readers from the Myspace weblog who've decided the random nonsense I type out is worth reading somewhere beyond the Myspace.

On to business:
We just had a wild thunderstorm here. It went right over us, multiple lighting flashes with thunder following immediately. It was really cool; normally I ignore thunderstorms because they aren't directly overhead, but when they're this close I close the laptop, turn off the TV, and sit down to watch the storm. Why not take God up on the free entertainment he's offering us?.
Of course, last Summer while Francesca was in Austria I decided to go out onto our balcony with my new d40 to try to get shots of the lightning - a flash and crash right in my face as I opened the door made me realize that I should stay inside during this particular storm.
The storm has now passed, some of that mid-Spring stickiness has come out of the air, and it's looking to be a nice, cool Spring evening.

Also, completely unrelated:
If you have a chance to go see the Met(ropolitan Opera) -hopefully in person- at a movie theatre for one of the $22/ticket HD simulcasts, I highly recommend it. It's almost like being there, and you get neat interviews and behind the scenes stuff you likely don't get to see when you've paid $100 to sit in the house itself.
I've been practising on my Myspace weblog for a couple of months now