14 March 2024

We Need a Star Trek MicroMachines Renaissance

If you were into Star Trek in the '90s, odds are you owned or wanted to own the Star Trek MicroMachines. I bought every package I found in the toy store in my hometown's mall. As the years have passed, I somehow came to believe I had most of the available toys models.

How wrong I was.

05 March 2024

Introduction to Notes on the Titan Run Universe


The book covers for the Titan Run Trilogy. Aren't they intriguing?

You may have heard of the Titan Run Trilogy, I mean, it's all over this site. Based on my lifetime sales dashboard, however, odds are you have not. That's fine. There are links to the right to get you started if any of this content makes you sufficiently curious, and you can always join the mailing list for updates on new books and any public appearances I'll be making.

The Titan Run Universe is the shared, well, universe in which most of my Science Fiction work takes place. Notes on the Titan Run Universe is a series of articles that add context to the Titan Run Universe novels. This series will address the 'current' state of the Solar System and the history of how it got to where it is as of the beginning of the Titan Run Trilogy. I will also include character biographies and offer more information on the ships that for me are characters as much as the people who inhabit the TRU.

Check out a brief taste of what's to come after the jump.