14 March 2024

We Need a Star Trek MicroMachines Renaissance

If you were into Star Trek in the '90s, odds are you owned or wanted to own the Star Trek MicroMachines. I bought every package I found in the toy store in my hometown's mall. As the years have passed, I somehow came to believe I had most of the available toys models.

How wrong I was.

Of the individual ships/stations listed on this site, I own 36. Well, 35 technically because I had a Borg Cube but it vanished over the decades. It will show up at the worst possible moment; the Borg have a knack for that. Honestly, even though I own one of the metallic variant sets (NRFB but not in the best shape), I count 53 non-metallic-variants on that list, with these criteria:

  • The NX-2000 and NCC-2000 count as different versions
  • Conversely, the 2-different colored static-wing Klingon BoPs don't count

Of the remaining 25 I do not have, there are only 11 that I would enjoy having in my collection. Okay fine, they are:

  1. Caretaker's Array
  2. Bajoran Fighter
  3. Bajoran Sailing Vessel
  4. Botany Bay
  5. Federation Space Dock
  6. Federation Space Dock Shuttle
  7. HMS Bounty (MOVABLE WINGS!)
  8. NCC-1701-E (this one hurts bad - I have the others - but not $155 bad)
  9. USS Farragut
  10. USS Pasteur
  11. Voyager Shuttle
I know the fandom has moved on to the Eaglemoss and other replica producers. They're larger, made from metal, and are of a higher quality than these tiny little plastic toys models. I get it. Counterpoint, how cool would it be to resurrect this IP for the modern Trek series? A Discovery MicroMachine with spinning saucer section? We have that technology! Give me a Star Trek: Picard package with the new ships (and a special package with just a half-dozen Curiosity-class ships because you know a significant number of fans would buy it). 
I need the Protostar on my display shelf. We all need one on our display shelves. Never mind that the Cerritos is likewise a perfect fit for the format, her larger replica notwithstanding. We need a tiny little plastic version to enhance the larger version, of course. I believe I have successfully argued my case.

Yes, I know I need to dust.

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