08 December 2023

Contextualizing the Titan Run Universe

 We live in a world of IPs and shared universes and series. Some people love that, others decry the ills and narrative laziness or naked profiteering that too often rides alongside these concepts. I like to hope that the Titan Run Universe is a little different.

I set out with an idea - "The deadliest catch, in space." Where I ended up remains true to that elevator pitch, but is more. I made a huge found family from the characters that populate that first trilogy. Those characters will form the foundation for the stories I will continue to tell in that universe, because I love them and I love this world I've created.

As much as Outer Space is dispassionately murderous to human existence, the ships that fly between worlds in my stories are oases of humanity. They are home for the people inside their bulkheads, and whether you're on a BPOE vessel with military discipline or a mining vessel with a much looser hierarchy the range of human drama is on display for you, the reader. It's cozy SciFi, people. Cozy SciFi where the real bad guy is the abyss never more than a few meters of alloys, carbon fiber, and ceramic composites away.

Another reason why I stay within the same universe is because I'm exploring it as much as my characters are. Sure I had the rough ideas sketched out in my head, but the trilogy only needed to stay consistent within itself; anything else was needless shackling that might get in the way of me telling a good story. As I said in my last post, I wrote down an abbreviated history of the TRU in only the past few weeks. I'll be semi-canonizing it on this site. 

As the TRU grows I want to solidify the broad strokes of their past and make sure that everything works together. Nothing irks a SciFi fan more than when continuity is ignored. As a fan myself, I'd rather the writer(s) spent a few extra minutes figuring out a way to make the story work within the constraints of what came before. In this scenario *I* am the writer. I promise to do my best. Keep me honest.

Happy Friday, everyone. By the way, when I said "daily" in my last post, I obviously meant weekdays. You knew that, right? I figured you did. Clever you.

I'll leave you with this, the work-in-progress updated tagline for Krakken and Phoenix:

Outrunning your past sometimes means falling headlong into danger.

Which we all have to admit is WAY BETTER than what's there now:

When we last saw our crews...

It's like I wasn't even trying. Anyway, have a lovely weekend everyone.

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