29 January 2021

Episode 104: Existential Angst & Espresso and Coffee: Good for the Soul

Coffee. It's what has been keeping me warm since the weather took a sharp downward turn vis a vis the mercury this January. As such, I offer for you 2 caffeinated poems from my first book of poetry that touch on or directly address the beverage itself.

"Existential Angst & Espresso" sprang from an empty chalkboard meant to tell us who was pulling our shots and adding our sugary flavored syrups that day. "Coffee: Good for the Soul" is a brief ode to the beverage itself - not the last I have written! No, much like snow, it would seem, I have more to say about my favorite warm bean water.

In closing, I'll say that coffee in various forms has touched my life over the years, as I'm sure it has for many of you. But this is a discussion for another time - and perhaps a poem of it's own. For now,

You know the drill:

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