08 January 2021

Episode 101: Yes Man

Welcome to Season 2! New Year, same podcast. Hopefully that's a comfort to you, especially after the attempted insurrection that happened earlier this week in DC. Coincidentally, this week's poem is titled "Yes Man," and it came from an actual experience I had at work, long long ago. It's not happy, nor absurd, in fact it's a little sad and it's a poem I wrote to process the feelings that burrowed themselves deep into my chest when the event occurred. All these years later they are just echoes now, and the disappointment in my voice is directed firmly at those in power who refuse to act as they should and sadness at those who are led down a path toward madness. Given what comes below in every one of these posts, you should be able to figure out about whom I am speaking. I'll see about picking something a bit more bucolic or absurd for next week's episode, until then...

You know the drill:

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After listening to the podcast (or while listening), visit one of these sites and donate for the cause, because All Black Lives Matter and my fellow white (and cis) people we need to get in the game:

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The poems will continue to flow, but so must the Justice.

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