27 June 2021

Episode 125: A Wild Man's Dream

Y'all. Folks. My friends. Listeners. Poetry fans. A week ago my wife and I were on our way - in the car- to New York City to see the Foo Fighters perform the first concert @ Madison Square Garden since the pandemic began for most of us last March. And it was a glorious show. Whether or not you're a fan of that specific band, we all know the feeling of joy that coming back into the world and doing something that was not possible while we all worked to fight the disease that ravaged the world -- and in many places still does! Get your shots, people, if you haven't! This is important. This concert was for those of us who have been fully vaccinated and it was amazing. You too can enjoy amazing things again when you've had your shots and are back in the world. This week's poem is about that joy.

Hey, you know the drill:

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The poems will continue to flow, but so must the Justice.


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