11 June 2021

Episode 123: Amazon Bottle Brush Review

I have a fraught relationship with Amazon. On the one hand, they provide a facility for me to publish my books (including my poetry books. Ahem) and also get pretty much whatever I realize I need with a few swipes and taps while also donating a tiny bit of that purchase back to an organization for which I care. ON THE OTHER HAND, Amazon exploits people via horrible working conditions and my consumer habits are funding the second-coolest billionaire rocket out there when he could be putting a good chunk of that money into any number of social programs, soooooooooooooooo 

But when I leave product reviews, I like to do them in the form of poems, because duh. Thus this week's poem.

Hey, you know the drill:

I want to hear what you think of the podcast, whether it's a specific poem or the format, or whatever's on your mind! Leave a review or a comment in your podcast app, or catch me on Twitter @Lefthandrob.

After listening to the podcast (or while listening), visit one of these sites and donate for the cause, because All Black Lives Matter and my fellow white (and cis) people we need to get in the game:

Donate to Black Lives Matter

Donate to the Souther Poverty Law Center

Donate to the Equal Justice Initiative

Transgender Law Center

The poems will continue to flow, but so must the Justice.

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