28 May 2021

Episode 121: Untitled Inspirational Poem

Some poems take multiple passes, a lot of tinkering and thought, to take the shape of something I'd dare share with the world. Others just kind of flow out of the pen onto the page and I like them just as they are.

This week, it's the latter. This Untitled Inspiration Poem just poured out recently as I stood in my kitchen one afternoon. Yeah, it has a touch of cliché to it, but there's nothing wrong with a little verbal remix, especially when it works rhythmically. Which I think it does, and it's my podcast and no one who listens to this thing has ever commented that my sense of rhythm is off (or commented much of anything, 'sup?), but I digress. I'm also doing something different with this week's show notes. Since this poem isn't typed up anywhere and it's a shorter work, I'm putting the text of the poem into these show notes. Check the bottom for the poem.

But before that, you know the drill:

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The poems will continue to flow, but so must the Justice.


Untitled Inspirational Poem

If you're waiting for

a better, more unfettered


Do not decline to act

instead attack and say

"seize the day"

(carpe diem)

See them, all the things

you're waiting on

Take them on

Put upon your shoulders

the mantle of action

for inaction breeds the like

To psych yourself out of a taste

Leaving naught but

sour grapes

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