22 May 2021

Episode 120: Works of Love

I wrote this week's poem many years ago, and reading it through this week in prep for recording the episode, it struck me again how much it would work as a song. I mean, it needs a chorus stuck in there, but that's an easy enough retrofit. You'll also notice if you're reading along in Blue., from which the poem comes, that the final line has changed. You'll also notice a missing period at the end of the second stanza. Both of these will be changed in my upcoming collected works poetry book (Coming 2022? How does that make you feel?). If you're NOT reading along at home, well, I mean, I included a link to Blue. above, and from there it's a quick hop to my other poetry books as well. Oh look at that, a link to them as well! But I digress. Enjoy this week's episode: "Works of Love."

You know the drill:

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The poems will continue to flow, but so must the Justice.

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