18 December 2020

Episode 034: On the Meaning of a Single Snowflake

Folks -- at this point, I think I can even say Friends -- I have a problem. Whenever snow starts falling out of the sky, my brain slips into a poetic mood and unbidden it begins to crank out verses about the stuff. My poetry books are littered with snow poems. So obviously when the first proper snowfall of the winter happened here where I am, I leafed through said books and found a poem on the subject to read for you. And so we have this week's episode "On the Meaning of a Single Snowflake." Of course, it's somewhat ironic given that it refers to those first snowflakes that fall and give us no clue (weather forecasts need not apply) as to whether we're in for several inches and a bit of shoveling or just some flurries that sublimate away before you can say "one horse open sleigh."

You know the drill by now:

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