11 December 2020

Episode 033: I Played for the Queen of All Elephants

If you're a regular listener of the podcast, you may have thought that I was finally cashing in on the "or so" part of when I originally told you that this podcast would publish "every week *or so*." Fear not, friend, for I have a fresh episode for you right here. If you're finding this episode at some point in the future - Hi! How's the future? Do we have flying cars yet? 

This week, a poem based on a photo I discovered online, I think it was likely a writing prompt, and if so prompt it did! The photo was of a young girl standing before an elephant playing a violin (the girl was playing the violin, not the elephant. This would have been a much different poem if that had been the case). "I Played for the Queen of All Elephants" is a poem I had thought was done, but when I chose to record it this week and did my pre-record read through I found that the story just trails off. It was all set up and no payoff. So I added a few more stanzas to finish the tale. Hopefully you can't tell where the original bit ends and the new bit begins, unless you have your copy of "Blue." in front of you. You do own a copy of "Blue.," don't you? If not, you can find the link to it on the "Buy my Books" page on my blog (https://lefthandrob.net , if you're not already there).

"I Played..." is a bit of fantasy, tangentially appropriate in this season of dreams, but not Holiday-themed in any way, unless you consider peace, harmony, and music Holiday themes.

I want to hear what you think of the podcast, whether it's a specific poem or the format, or whatever's on your mind! Leave a review or a comment in your podcast app, or catch me on Twitter @Lefthandrob.

After listening to the podcast (or while listening), visit one of these sites and donate for the cause, because All Black Lives Matter and my fellow white (and cis) people we need to get in the game:

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The poems will continue to flow, but so must the Justice.

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