27 August 2020

Episode 018: Butter and Bacon Fat

When cleaning my office recently, I discovered an old composition notebook that I used to carry with me whenever I'd set up a table to sell my books. Scribbled hastily on one of the pages was the first draft of this week's poem "Butter and Bacon Fat." It's the tale of a lonely and somewhat hungry poet who endures a heavenly aroma coming from a food vendor at the same farmer's market where our hero is selling his books. Yes, it is based on actual events. I'll definitely be including this poem in my next poetry book. 

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After listening to the podcast (or while listening), visit one of these sites and donate for the cause, because All Black Lives Matter and my fellow white (and cis) people we need to get in the game:

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Transgender Law Center

The poems will continue to flow, but so must the Justice.

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