15 October 2015

Bricks, Mortar, Art, Paperbacks

My books are now on sale here in Hagerstown at the Washington County Arts Council Gallery Shop. The Gallery Shop is directly adjacent to the gallery itself in the Arts and Entertainment District of downtown Hagerstown, across the street from the historic Maryland Theatre. I highly recommend stopping by and checking out all the great book, but be sure to walk out with a copy of one of my books. You won't be disappointed.

Here's the scoop:

What if? That's the question from which each of my stories originates. It might be sparked a random thought or when I take note of someone on the street. I must write the story even when what the character is going through on the page is entirely alien to my experience, even if it's just to clear space in my head for the next idea. And if it's a poem? That is when things can... 
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