12 August 2021

Episode 132: My Neighbor the Rabbit

A brief, light ode this week to the fuzzy little bunny who lets me take their picture and eats the grass (and probably carrot tops) in my yard. It's a fuzzy little poem that could use a little more work, maybe, just like the little bunny who isn't as scared of me as they ought to be.

My dear fans of the podcast, here we are after 15 months together. I began this podcast for 2 reasons: 1. To make the opportunity to read out loud the poetry I'd been writing for all these years, and 2. To sell some poetry books. Goal 1 - accomplished! Goal 2 ... Folks, I'm not asking you to head over to Amazon and buy my poetry books apropos of nothing. They make great gifts. They look good while taking up not much space on your bookshelf. The proceeds from sustained sales of them would go a long way to making this podcast pay for itself. I've hinted, suggested, proposed that my books are out there, and maybe I'm just impatient, but it's been just the baker's dozen of us (there's 12 of you out there listening regularly, plus me!) along on this journey. As much as I appreciate an intimate venue, if it's not in your means to buy a book, then help spread the word about the podcast. Your friends care more about your recommendation than anything I could tweet or post about. Let's keep this little art project of ours going together. Let me feel your love.

You know who else needs love?

Black People, LGBTQ people, immigrants and refugees. 

Open up your bank accounts and give some money to the good organizations doing the work to make the world more equitable for everyone. Or your time, or whatever.

Sometimes I wonder if it's because I made the decision last year to begin sharing this message in every podcast episode and every podcast post like this that my audience has remained limited. But honestly I don't care. It would eat me up more inside if I DIDN'T say something in every episode, every time.

OH OH OH And get vaccinated if you haven't (or if you can, I know this podcast is available worldwide, unlike the vaccine) and keep wearing your mask!

So to recap: Go do some good! Get vaccinated and wear a mask! Tell people about the podcast and the companion books so I can keep doing this.

Left Hand Poetry: My Podcast of Poems

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