18 April 2021

Episode 115: Triple Check and CYA

Here I am again, updating on a Sunday. I did tell y'all that it would be every week-ish. Still my apologies for the delay, consistency is key to growing an audience, and while you're but a handful of faithful listeners (thank you!!) at present, maybe some day I'll explode. Who knows? It just takes one Buzzfeed article, right?

But you want to know about this week's episode. "Triple Check and CYA" was written to cheer up a friend several years back, after they experienced a quintessential Corporate American Issue, and maybe even just a Corporate issue? The seed of the thing was the need to "CYA," or "Cover Your A**" when you are undertaking a potentially corporate-politically risky action. I guess the current parlance would be to say "make sure you have the receipts." Thus from that conversation was this poem born. It's certainly a performative piece.

You know the drill:

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The poems will continue to flow, but so must the Justice.

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