09 July 2020

Hey - July 2020

Hi y'all,

What a world we're living in.
This blog was getting super-dusty until I recently resurrected it as another place where you can consume my poetry podcast (hopefully you're enjoying it!).

In the process of preparing for this resurrection, I looked through the archives and culled approximately 98% of that content from this site. Inane commentary, poorly composed statements on pop culture, and the minutiae of my past life -- not so much a time capsule as it was ridiculousness (and at time embarrassing!). Of course, I'm sure the Way Back Machine has it all archived, so if you're so inclined, you've been warned: it's dumb.

The blog will continue to mostly serve as a place to post podcast episodes and a jumping-off point to check out my books (look to the right column). If I have anything that I think is worth saying, I'll post it here, but I have no illusions of keeping to any sort of schedule or coming up with content to throw into the void. That's what the podcast is for.

Thanks, as always, for reading / listening, and stick around, I may do something interesting.

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