24 March 2014

Rob's Old Bay Quinoa/Lentils

One of my favorite things to make for myself when I'm cooking just for me is a pot of quinoa mixed with lentils seasoned — of course — with Old Bay®. Other than the fact that it's delicious, filling, and good for me, it's a dish that not only scales (I can make enough for one meal or cook enough to reheat all week), but the basic format of the recipe is a great platform to which I can add other vegetables, a little more spice, or even serve with chicken or fish. A following post will describe a variation on this theme, the one that I am preparing for myself today.
You'll see in the photo that I am using what looks like tri-color lentils, because I just pour the 3 different kinds of lentils I buy into one container for storage.

I also recommend either the red or the tri-color quinoa. I don't like the grassy taste of the white quinoa. You might. I encourage you to experiment!
(Recipe after the jump)

14 March 2014

Wherein I discuss Maryland Entertainment Group's inaugural production: "Laundry & Bourbon" and "Lonestar"

If MEG stages it, will they stay through intermission?

It has been over a week now, and this draft has lingered in a text file, half-finished like unfolded laundry on the table. But as it takes clothes longer to drop out of fashion than it does for these words to lose their relevance, I will therefore attend my thoughts, folding and checking for holes. And so we begin:
As someone who has observed and helped stand up a new arts organization starting from nothing more than a dream and a bloody-minded stubborn streak, I know that many things have to happen for a young group to be successful in staging a performance. You have to have the space, the time, the resources (both human and capital), and the talent to make the right decisions. Even when all of those pieces come together, you still need a dash of luck and a touch of Grace. Could the Maryland Entertainment Group (MEG for those in the know and for the rest of this essay) mix together the various elements of theatre and create life on the stage? Or would they, despite their best efforts, find themselves at the end of the night with an empty bottle and the smell of methane in the air (that's a science joke, not a fart joke)? Stick with me, friends and all will be revealed. Not so much revealed. Talked about. Written of, if you will. Look, I am going to let you know if the plays were any good; can we just get on with this?
Thank you.

11 March 2014

Wherein I am interviewed by my hometown paper about "Stand Right, Walk Left"

I was recently interviewed for my hometown paper about "Stand Right, Walk Left," my book of poetry that if you are reading this you must be aware of. 


It's right up there in the navigation.
99 cents for your eReader. Check it out.

The fine professionals at the Herald Mail were great to work with; the entire experience -- from Chris Copley's initial response to my query letter to the smooth and friendly professionalism of Joe Crocetta who made the awesome photo of me -- was a true collaboration. The fact that the editorial staff devoted an entire page (good old C3) to my interview? Well, that is delicious newsprint icing on the word cake, my dear reader. Thank you, Chris and Joe, you guys are true pros (that rhymed. see? Poet).

Thank you also to my family and my friends, who are both support and audience.

Right; back to the writer's desk. These new stories are not going to crank themselves out*.

*What's with all the dangling prepositions in this post? Miss Thornhill, I apologize!

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