30 May 2008

Magnavox TV goes BOOM

Back in late February we bought a Magnavox LCD TV. I hadn't read anything bad about them, in fact I'd read some good things, and they had what felt like the best deal for us. Fast forward to right around the end of the Warranty Period, and Monday morning, in the middle of the Enterprise marathon (shut up, it has its moments), the TV goes into Standby mode, ne'er to return. I've pulled the plug for a full day, I followed the instructions in the manual AND on the website, I even replaced the remote control batteries thinking that might be the issue. Nothing. I call Magnavox support at 1-800-705-2000.
I speak with one rep who then forwards me on to another rep who has me try what I already tried. I play along because I think, much like with tech support I've dealt with (and done myself) in the past, you have to cover the basics, because people lie. Just when I'm expecting him to pull that support miracle (try this, or we're sending you this part, etc.) he asks me to hold on for a moment, and when he comes back on the line, he provides me with 3 repair shop numbers.


Before I can even think to object (I think I was a bit stunned, and it was later in the evening, I was tired), we end the call. Fast forward to today when I realize fully what has happened, but I call one of the repair shops (the most convenient for me), and the lady I speak to informs me that the parts for the TV might cost more than I paid for the TV.


I'm starting to see red.

Magnavox of course has no recourse for contacting them via e-mail, so instead of a well thought out e-mail letter to their customer service group, they'll be receiving Angry Consumer Rob on the phone this evening, seeking justice from the corporate machine.
I've dealt with crap support before. Anyone who had to call HP for support around 2002/2003 knows what I'm talking about. I shall not rest until my TV is repaired with minimal cost to me. Not even owning a product for 90 days before it goes dead is a TERRIBLE way to do business.
Stay tuned here, friends. I'll let you know what happens after I talk to them again.

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