19 November 2014



Available on Amazon.com December 13, 2014!

If you enjoyed “Stand Right, Walk Left,” then you will love “Blue,” Robert C. Murray’s second collection of poems. Poetry is where we turn when the world fails to make sense. Poetry is the song we all sing when the world does make sense. Poetry is there for you, as is this humble volume of some of those very poems gathered for all your moments whether you are happy, sad, or just feeling Blue.

From the Introduction:

To help orient you in your progression through my humble offering, please note that the poems on the following pages are presented in chronological order. I considered grouping them together in sections based on their content, but I think you will enjoy Blue. more by just flipping through the pages and taking in the poems as they are; except the haiku. I included those just for fun at the end. 
Please address all complaints to Dr. Juan Pinot; his biography can be found on these pages.

17 November 2014

You Got This

In Heels, volume II

Available on Amazon on December 13, 2014!

From the back cover:

One is never enough, and so AK Moray returns yet again with another collection of stories featuring powerful and smart women who find victory in everything from the normal to the super-normal. “You Got This” revisits tales from the first volume and transports you to whole new realities. No matter where you find yourself, you can be sure that the heroine always comes out on top and she might even learn something in the process. So put your phone in airplane mode and go ahead and feed the dog, because once you pick up this book, you won’t put it down until it’s finished.

I love telling stories, just ask any of my friends. I come by it honestly, as my father loves to spin a yarn. Sometimes the story is as simple as seeing the world through someone else's eyes, others it is imagining that there is more going on that what meets the eye.

In the first volume of the "In Heels" series, I told those stories. In this new volume, "You Got This," I am back at it. Whether we follow a young woman through a day in her life or bear witness to what is very likely an impossible tale of science fiction, at the heart of all of these stories are great protagonists and strong women who are living their lives and taking action.

As much as I like telling science fiction stories I have grown ever more comfortable writing as AK Moray. I say that to say that maybe this will not be the final "In Heels" collection. Maybe AK Moray will have another stab at a novel? But for now, save your pennies for the second volume of the "In Heels" series: "You Got This." Actually, buy both volumes. They make great Christmas gifts and are the perfect size to camouflage that gift card you are getting for your niece or nephew.

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