26 June 2014

Forever is a Long Time

I'm increasing my eBook prices

Some men just want to watch the world burn.
Some men just want to watch the world burn.
Wanted to get that out of the way right up top.

Why am I increasing my prices? Marketing!

It's like this:

25 June 2014

A Pivotal Post

You'll see what I did...

Did you know that most tech startups begin life as one type of thing and then shift to something entirely different -- often more than once -- before they achieve success (or go the other way)? They call this 'Pivoting'. It's true. They do it all the time. Apparently Instagram started life as a butt-scratching app (this is not true).

I have no need to pivot when it comes to what I write; part of the joy of carving out my space as a writer in the world is that a blank sheet of paper is filled with all the possible realities that could exist, expressed in however I might make myself understood. I can, however, pivot in how I get those words to you.

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