12 October 2013

Can't Sleep

You ever have one of those nights where you drink a half-pot of coffee, then do some work for a couple hours, decide you are tired so you go home and do the bed time dance (brush and change and brush and pee and brush and wash and settle, now do-si-do and allemande left now bow to your partner...) and then you are lying in bed and it is dark and you have jazz playing to help you sleep but what it really does is kick your still caffeinated brain into gear and because what you were doing is helping some friends get their (incredibly awesome) art space together for an upcoming show so you are thinking about what a disaster your initial ideas for submission were but you had actually come home and done some work on those photos you had accumulated over the past months that fit the theme (HALLOWEEN) perfectly and so you made prints for framing the next day but anyway you are lying in bed half asleep and your jaw is throbbing in a new place (stress? scurvy? plague?  Do teeth feel like they will fall out when you have plague?) and your mind is working and suddenly it all falls into place: you have to blend together one of those photos with components from your original idea that was refusing to cooperate (this piece could otherwise be titled "Pelagic Elegia", maybe that will be a poem?) and it will be a great thing and you KNOW you are going to forget it in the morning so you send yourself an email from bed to remind yourself in the morning to do this, which you do (make the thing, that is, not remember, well, remember also, but ... wait what?) and while you are gathering the ingredients for this fresh horror you have even more ideas and draw from bits and pieces and drawings and observations and that old oval canvas that you bought because it was not just on clearance but maybe one day you would be able to paint an actual portrait of someone (ha. ha. ha.) and those oval canvases are perfect for such things but instead it becomes the base for this amazing work that right now is blistering before you as it should, paint drying, glue foaming and hardening, damned eyes gazing out at you maliciously, but no, my friend, you shall not yet see it because I will be debuting it publicly at the Maryland Entertainment Group's Halloween Art Show, opening Friday October 18, 2013 at the Maryland Entertainment Group's space at the Mulberry Lofts, 22N Mulberry St, Hagerstown Maryland 21740 and after that successful public unveiling (to be quite honest there is a lot of good work in the offing, this thing -- though some of my own personal best mixed-media work -- is nowhere near the best of what will be there) I'll post a photo to the Internet of the thing which I will tell you is a horrid imagining of a clown bust that serves as a mask for something much more demonic underneath which we all know is the truth about clowns anyway -- what are they hiding under those painted on smiles and over-sized shoes; I mean, what sort of Hellmouth is that tiny car that it can spew forth so many of those stygian nightmares, those twisted people, but I digress.

Let's agree that the true horror was that last sentence; I was oft corrected in school for my run on sentences. I consider it more of an art.
One more thing: the title of the piece is also "Can't Sleep."
Anyone over the age of 30 should hopefuly get the reference.

Okay, fine, here's a peak at it:

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