30 December 2013


Because I had the thought, came up with the title, and then I had to run with it.

Anyone who knows me -- really knows me -- knows that I'm into Star Trek like dogs are into potting soil. At least my dogs are. Sure, the yard gets a little extra fertilization, but that stuff gets expensive and it's not good for my houseplants and it can't be good for the do ... right, Trek. I love me some Star Trek. I have since I was a little kid; I am likely the world's biggest Star Trek fan who has never been to a convention. And until recently I was something of a hater; I can confess that now.
I've already come clean on my acceptance of Wesley; thanks to Netflix I finally have peace. Well, mostly, but more on that in a moment. A few months back I began a re-watch of Deep Space Nine, because DS9 was and is awesome TV. Even the low points are still good Trek, everyone knows that. When I finished the run I could have just cycled back through and watched it again, but unlike that other Ron Moore series where all of this has already happened and will happen again, I chose to move on. On to Voyager.
I missed a lot of Voyager during its first run, but managed to catch most of it in re-runs over the interceding years (thanks Spike TV!). It was okay, but in the way we all half pay attention to reruns on TV, what with the commercial interruptions (you should buy my books!) and other distractions, it is easy to let your mind wander. Not this time. I paid attention. Yes, the ridiculousness of "Threshold" will always be there, and the ridiculousness of "WARP PARTICLES" lives forever, but damn if I didn't love every last one of them by the end of the run. I did not want to see it end. Even if I found myself conflicted in that I was still turned on by Jeri Ryan in the catsuit, I was also a bit offended that they resorted to such an obvious ploy. I mean, the woman is quite attractive, but her acting chops were more than up to the part. Conflicted, man. I could sit here and type out variations on those last couple of sentences for a while. So I'll move on. Point is, I used to poke fun at Voyager when I was around like-minded people (you know who you are NERDS) but now I'm a lover, not a hater. I'm down with NCC-74656 and yes I typed that from my memory, not Memory Alpha. See above.
And now I a rapidly coming to the end of my Enterprise run. The show that at the time I was somewhat glad they canceled. It had failed to live up to expectations in its earlier seasons, and the promise of late season 3 and season 4 were too little too late to me back in 2004. I'm older and wiser now, and knowing that I only have 5 episodes of Enterprise left, I'm feeling a little sad. I'm seeing the plot threads that the writers are weaving, I'm seeing Hoshi come into her own as an Aikido black belt (do you captialize Aikido? I feel like one should), I'm hoping Travis gets more interesting stuff to do! The man grew up in SPACE people, he's the guy who flies the fastest ship in human history! Yet he has none of Tom Paris' swagger (Trek swagger, mind you, still something of an imitation of the crown prince of Trek swag, Commander William T. Riker, himself second only to the king himself, James T. Kirk) I got distracted by swagger. Where was I?
Enterprise! Awful Theme music choice aside (Great Adult Contemporary number, though), Enterprise finally figured itself out; we got to see those original races getting their shit together. I remember hearing rumors that Jeffrey Combs was going to join the cast in season 5. Jeffrey MFing Combs. Being deprived of his scene-chewing awesomeness is just the sad blue cherry on top of the entire shit-sundae that I now realize was the cancellation of Enterprise. I would honestly watch 3 more seasons of Enterprise, TV, I promise. Parting thought: Killing Trip was a cheap shot, especially since they had been teasing it for years. That man was tossed, strung, electrocuted, tortured (mental and physical), and alien-impregnated so many times in four years that it's a wonder he made it far enough to get killed. Show's been cancelled for damn near 10 years, so don't cry to me about spoilers.
Other final thought: Hishi and Travis really should have been promoted.
Final other final thought: I hope when Trek comes back to TV it's less frenetic than the current big screen adventures.

12 December 2013

Holiday Pricing Special - If it's Digital it's 99 Cents!

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21 November 2013

AK Moray Is back, this time In Heels!

AK Moray is back with this inspired collection of shorts that you will agree was worth the wait. "In Heels" offers up a series of smart and capable women and how they each react to what Life throws at them. From rites of passage to strange compulsions to the perfectly normal turned firmly on its ear, each tale told throughout "In Heels" proves that women are not just resilient and clever, but at times super-human. These seven short stories will leave you with a smile on your face, a tear in your eye, and definitely wanting more. "In Heels" is more than just a short story collection, it is an experience that you will be compelled to share with your friends and loved ones.
AK Moray lives in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, taking in the fullness of the seasons and pondering the greater mysteries of life. When not writing as AK Moray, Robert C. Murray enjoys writing poetry, Sci Fi (both the serious kind and the goofy over-the-top kind), and volunteering in many capacities with the his local Opera Ensemble. He keeps a day job in technology until the words pay the bills.


Paperback ($5.99)

eBook (99 cents!)

Amazon.com (For your Kindle, iOS Kindle App, or read on the web)

12 October 2013

Can't Sleep

You ever have one of those nights where you drink a half-pot of coffee, then do some work for a couple hours, decide you are tired so you go home and do the bed time dance (brush and change and brush and pee and brush and wash and settle, now do-si-do and allemande left now bow to your partner...) and then you are lying in bed and it is dark and you have jazz playing to help you sleep but what it really does is kick your still caffeinated brain into gear and because what you were doing is helping some friends get their (incredibly awesome) art space together for an upcoming show so you are thinking about what a disaster your initial ideas for submission were but you had actually come home and done some work on those photos you had accumulated over the past months that fit the theme (HALLOWEEN) perfectly and so you made prints for framing the next day but anyway you are lying in bed half asleep and your jaw is throbbing in a new place (stress? scurvy? plague?  Do teeth feel like they will fall out when you have plague?) and your mind is working and suddenly it all falls into place: you have to blend together one of those photos with components from your original idea that was refusing to cooperate (this piece could otherwise be titled "Pelagic Elegia", maybe that will be a poem?) and it will be a great thing and you KNOW you are going to forget it in the morning so you send yourself an email from bed to remind yourself in the morning to do this, which you do (make the thing, that is, not remember, well, remember also, but ... wait what?) and while you are gathering the ingredients for this fresh horror you have even more ideas and draw from bits and pieces and drawings and observations and that old oval canvas that you bought because it was not just on clearance but maybe one day you would be able to paint an actual portrait of someone (ha. ha. ha.) and those oval canvases are perfect for such things but instead it becomes the base for this amazing work that right now is blistering before you as it should, paint drying, glue foaming and hardening, damned eyes gazing out at you maliciously, but no, my friend, you shall not yet see it because I will be debuting it publicly at the Maryland Entertainment Group's Halloween Art Show, opening Friday October 18, 2013 at the Maryland Entertainment Group's space at the Mulberry Lofts, 22N Mulberry St, Hagerstown Maryland 21740 and after that successful public unveiling (to be quite honest there is a lot of good work in the offing, this thing -- though some of my own personal best mixed-media work -- is nowhere near the best of what will be there) I'll post a photo to the Internet of the thing which I will tell you is a horrid imagining of a clown bust that serves as a mask for something much more demonic underneath which we all know is the truth about clowns anyway -- what are they hiding under those painted on smiles and over-sized shoes; I mean, what sort of Hellmouth is that tiny car that it can spew forth so many of those stygian nightmares, those twisted people, but I digress.

Let's agree that the true horror was that last sentence; I was oft corrected in school for my run on sentences. I consider it more of an art.
One more thing: the title of the piece is also "Can't Sleep."
Anyone over the age of 30 should hopefuly get the reference.

Okay, fine, here's a peak at it:

10 September 2013

No Brainer

Amazon is at it again, this time allowing authors to bundle eBooks with paperback sales. As teased in the title to this piece, this is a no-brainer for me, like a factory worker infected with some mutated bacteria from unclean pneumatic lines who suddenly develops a hunger for manflesh (what the Hell am I talking about?).
So I have set it up and now when purchasing a paperback copy for proud display on your bookshelf (hey, I'll even sign it for you), gets you the eBook version too. For Free.

You like Free, don't you?

That's right, when you purchase one of these fine works in paperback:

You get the eBook free. Gratis. (Not libertas. But a lot gratis.) I could have charged 99¢ for the eBook bundle, and yeah, I'm working at turning this into my job, but I'm a reader too, and I'd want the authors I read to do something great like this. I've been dying for something like this FOR YEARS.

Ideally, I'd like something where I can have access to an eBook copy for books I've bought in the past.
Maybe I can do something like that for those of you that have bought paperbacks but want an electronic copy. I have my own files, I control my own stuff.

Would you like that?

08 August 2013

Dear Steven Moffat

Some Unsolicited Advice:

I wouldn't call myself a "Whovian" because I've missed most of the new run of the show (hey, I'm creating content over here, cut me some slack), but I was a pretty big fan of the Saturday Night re-runs on PBS when I was a kid, and I do fully intend to watch all the new seasons one of these days! I bring this up because the modest uproar over the choosing over YAWG as the new doctor (Yet Another White Guy, see also POTUS*).

11 July 2013

Astronomical Interest: Another Astounding Adventure Tale

Only $0.99, exclusively at Amazon.com!

The Adventure continues in the most Astounding tale to date: Computers, Space, Alien Romance, A man framed for a crime he didn't commit (he swears!)

Apparently taking out an alien race's mother-ship is just like lighting up a giant neon sign for this arm of the galaxy saying "HI, WELCOME TO EARTH." And so as my crew and I were the only people with direct alien contact experience (though as I tried to point out most of it involved me shooting at or generally being unkind toward them), the NSA and their psychologists decided that we would be the official welcoming party for the first alien race that came to check out who the new kids on the block were. And the next race after that. And after that.

Available Exclusively from Amazon.com, for your Kindle or Amazon web eReader!

2013 Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale promotion

From the good people at Smashwords:
"We're kicking off our fifth annual Summer/Winter promotion...!
Here in the Northern hemisphere, it's mid-summer.  Readers everywhere are loading up their e-reading devices for summer beach reading and vacations. But what about the good people South of the equator, who are now in the middle of winter? They deserve to curl up in front of the fireplace and enjoy a good read too! That's the story behind our Summer/Winter promotion...!"
Who am I to deny someone the opportunity to get good reading at low low discount prices? As you know from my recent interview, I'm about to blow up (popularly, not in any chemical sense). Don't you want to tell your friends that you were into me before I was popular? Well, eReaders, I'm making it even easier for you.
My 3 Smashwords titles are on sale for the month of July!

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08 July 2013

I'm on my way! "Interview with Author Robert C. Murray about His Two Full-Length Books"

Scott Butki, interviewer of authors, journalist, educator, and acquaintance of my amazing sister/editor, recently corresponded with me and published this great interview on BlogCritics.org (and elsewhere).

An excerpt from the Interview:

6) Where do you attribute your ideas for your short stories? Would you classify them as science fiction?[...]Great science fiction uses technology, natural phenomena, and far-off settings (distant times and worlds) to address concepts fundamental to the human condition in a way that straight fiction is not always capable of doing because of the restrictions of the times in which it is written. I could make some tortured analogies about my Hero’s opponents being representative of the ills of society and how we need to wake up and maybe be a little “crazy” so as not to be lulled asleep by Twinkies and Pro Wrestling (and maybe in ‘Interstellar Conference Call’, the insidious signal is just that), but mostly it’s just my twisted sense of humor that dreams up crazier opponents for my Hero to ultimately defeat for my own enjoyment.  Science Fiction is a fairly broad term depending on who you talk to, but these definitely qualify as sci fi, if in a 1950′s pulp sci fi way. The more horror-focused stories of Something Gone Terribly Wrong (Rabid Squirrels, factory worker zombies, Robots Out To Kill Us All) still have a basis in science (biological disease, computer virus). “Dial 9 for an Outside Death” is Sci Fi only because of the gadgets employed by my Hero and because it is in the same Universe as the other tales.

Go read the whole thing! If you're intrigued, help support an independent author by picking up one of my books, modestly priced for your reading enjoyment.

Thank you.

08 February 2013

Gentle Poetry of Snowfall

Something I posted to my author page on Facebook.
If you're on Facebook, you should like my page.
I'm giving away signed copies!
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17 January 2013

Absent the Machine

     In the time it took me to write my first novel, enter it into a writing contest or two, and then decide to do what most people do with their first novel (stick it in a drawer and leave it there), the publishing industry began its metamorphosis from a top-down monolith where a new author had as much hope of being published as he did of being struck by lightning (note:  I have not actually done any research into that comparison, but it feels right) into a much more egalitarian world where anyone with a computer and the ability to type (the ability to type being optional) could publish their novel.  And so I dusted off that first novel (and a few other things I've written over the years), and filled with hope and excitement chose the latter path.  I am an Independent Author; I have no editing/marketing corporate entity making you want my book.  You have me.  and I need you.

     You could say the spirit of the entrepreneur is in my blood, but that's a story for another time. You could also say that I have a history of going at things the hard way. And that I have no patience for game-playing bullshit as regards long-established corporate institutions. Squirt the essence of these sentences onto an artist's palette, smear them around and then scrape the resulting purply-umber onto the base medium of your choice (I recommend paper or canvas, though I suppose a wall or amenable person would be just as acceptable) and you get, well, me. Me that writes.

     Absent the machine, the publishing monolith that was and is, I have started my journey -- my quest -- through the perilous realm of the Independents; and like every good adventurer knows you won't get far with out a few friends helping you out.  Aha!  You cry.  Here's where he's going to ask me to plunk down my hard earned cash to read his stuff!  I've agonized over this.  I've re-written this essay and this paragraph many times.  Yes, my goal is to leave behind the office life and make my income from my words, but also my words aren't Tupperware.  I'd rather follow the drug dealer model than the Tupperware model anyway.

     So here is my simple plea to you.  Buy one of my books, whichever one you choose. I’ve written something for everyone: young adult, science fiction, poetry.  If you like it, tell a friend and ask him or her to buy one of my books.  If someone mentions he’s looking for something to read, point him in the direction of my books.  They’re reasonably priced and you will be doing your part to support the arts while helping a friend achieve his dream.

10 January 2013

Promotional Poster for Astounding Adventure Tales

If you're interested in hanging this up somewhere, I have a nice hi-res PDF I can send you for printing. I'm serious about this, friends and readers.  Anything you can do to help me spread the word will be appreciated; I'm doing this outside the realm of the big publishing companies.  My only marketing support is you!  And I'm incredibly grateful for every Facebook post-share, retweet, or mention in conversation that you might make.

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