28 June 2011

Twitter: Nesting in the Corporate Environment

A few short years after Twitter was no more than a fad for celebrities to comment on their lunch and ensuing aftermath, the micro-blogging service has grown into a valuable source for news, information, and entertainment. I resisted Twitter at first, I really did. I tell myself I did so because I wasn't sure what I would do with it, but it was really because my chosen username was unavailable.  Plus, the pressure 2 think up an observation that's clever / of worth in 140 characters w/o resorting 2 cutesy abbrevs. is hi #KnowWhatIMean (yes the preceding statement is 140 characters). However I dove in once my username was available, worked Twitter into my life, and I now ponder ditching my RSS feeds in favor of an enlarged and segmented Twitter feed. From what I gather in the press, the people running Twitter are working on ways to monetize this service I have come to rely on. So far they have cleverly applied the Internet-standard concept of advertisements as well as paying to promote certain tweets. This is something, but likely not the bales of cash every entrepreneur dreams of, so I ask: What about the corporate market?

14 June 2011

Metro's Rockville Bomb Scare

My Observations

It's been just over a year that I've been riding the Metro, or as I affectionately hashtag it seemingly daily "#WMATA" (Washington Metro Area Transit Authority).  In that year I've been on trains holding in tunnels, hot cars, mildewy cars, and more cars that smell of human waste than I care to recount.  I've skipped stations, missed stops, and had problems with my SmarTrip card.  But I've never had a train reverse direction and go back to the station. Until yesterday.

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