18 October 2010

Zero to Negative Growth

I'm thinking of instituting a 0-growth policy on my T-Shirts (or even negative) For every T-shirt I acquire, one must be discarded. I say this because my TheOatmeal.com t-shirt is arriving in the mail this afternoon, and it's glory must mean the passing of a shirt whose time has come and gone. Will it be my Kelly Bell shirt that has shrunk maybe just a little too much? (I love me some Kelly Bell Band. Need to catch a show soon) Maybe the M*A*S*H t-shirt I grabbed at Target.
It sure as Hell won't be any of my Batman t-shirts. You never know when you might need to go fight crime, and you need to be properly attired:

I fear I may have said to much.

But seriously, my new Bearodactyl shirt is going to kick a lot of ass.

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