28 September 2010

I-270: Wherein I attempt to make a coherent statement

I'm approximately near my wit's end.  I've been to my wit's end before, it's not a pleasant place.  I try not to visit there, but apparently to get there requires driving on I-270.  During Rush Hour.  Sometimes after a rain, during rain, during snow, when it's sunny, when it's dark - I've dealt with a number of conditions, and I've driven long enough to know that some reduction in speed is prudent and life-saving when conditions are sub-nominal (99.999% of the time), HOWEVER, "reduction in speed" DOES NOT EQUATE TO MOVING AT LESS THAN FIVE MILES PER HOUR FOR SEVERAL MILES.

MDOT, FHA, whomever, I am done.  I need to use your road to get to work in the morning, and so do plenty of other people.  No, check that: I need to get to work (read: the Metro station for leg 2 of my commute), and so do many other people (of varying driving skill levels, as is made painfully clear).  I'd pay an extra dollar or two a day for a toll lane.  I'd gladly ride a Red Line metro train from Frederick.  Don't wave the MARC in front of me; where I live it is not an option for getting into DC.

I, and thousands of other people, need a solution to the traffic problem on I-270.  I am well aware that gridlock is an international problem (see: China), but son of a ... Look, WMATA, for all their problems, gets me and plenty of other people a lot farther in a lot less time than it takes me to get from the top end of I-270 to Exit 9.

Here it is:  I will vote for any MD politician (state or federal) who offers a concrete plan to fix this quagmire.  I will vote AGAIN for this person if they are able to show real progress on the matter.
I'd like a solution to the problem when I wake up for work tomorrow, but I know that's not feasible, but something must be done.

Folks, if I'm missing the story (nothing has crossed my eyes on I-270 for some time, other than the dismal traffic reports every morning), kindly point me to where progress is being made, or where there are good people doing the work to resolve this problem so I can lend my meager support.

10 September 2010

Fantasy Football Revisited

As the NFL season is finally back, I thought I should write about Fantasy Football.
Turns out I already did.

Everything I said then holds true.  I might have used fewer double-quotes, though, had I written that now.
I fight that battle every day.

Hub Opera Ensemble Presents GF Handel's Ariodante

The Mrs. has a starring role in this production, and she and her fellow cast mates have been working their butts off getting this whole thing  together; not only that, but I've heard the majority of the cast sing, and I know they have the pipes as well as the acting chops.
Watching from behind the scenes, offering what help I can (graphic design work, web/social media configuration/cooking the occasional dinner for folks), I confess I am very excited to finally get to see the production.  I'm sure I'll get a sneak peek before opening night, as I am hopefully going to get to shoot some stills during dress rehearsal, but I'm still excited for the big night.  I know the cast and crew are, too.
Also, I'd be remiss if I didn't point out how Hagerstown Community College is being an amazing partner for them in all of this.
What am I driving at?  Come see this opera! You won't have a chance to see this much talent perform for such a reasonable price ... until their Spring production!

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