Artist Statement

I write to explore the worlds that come alive when I ask myself a not-so-innocent two-word question: What if? That question might come from a random thought, or because I take note of someone on the street. Soon the arc of the story reveals itself and I write it down to clear space in my head for the next idea. I must write the story even when what the character is going through on the page is entirely alien to my experience. And if it's a poem? That is when things can get wonderfully surreal.
The fiction written as "AK Moray" is from a different place in my imagination than what I write under my given name, and I have a special attachment to my "In Heels" series of short stories. The women in these stories are strong, vulnerable, curious, wise, and foolish. They act with agency or can be caught up in events and simply looking for the way home. They are people.
The poetry collections, published as "Robert C. Murray," are verses of observation, emotional reaction, and delicious flights of imagination for both the consideration and enjoyment of the reader. As with most poems they are best when read aloud amongst friends.
AK Moray's fiction and Robert C. Murray's poetry, all from my mind and my heart, I am proud to make available to you. I invite you to enjoy them and share them with the special people in your life, and to reach out to me and tell me what you think of them.

Author Bio

Robert C. Murray is a writer of poetry, short stories, and the occasional novel both as himself and under the guise of his alter ego and nom de plume "AK Moray." He makes his home in scenic and historic Hagerstown, MD with his dogs Jonny & Clyde, his art supplies, and his ever-present messenger bag (more affectionately known as his 'murse'). A study in paradox, Mr. Murray is a devotee of vegetarian and vegan cooking at home (to both the joy and consternation of his visiting friends), but will never turn down a juicy burger or steak when eating out. Beyond his writing and culinary endeavors, he is also very involved with the Hub Opera Ensemble (Hagerstown's own professional opera company) and serves on the board of the Maryland Entertainment Group, Hagerstown's newest and greatest non-opera performing arts organization. To see what is going through his mind at any given moment, keep in touch with him on social media:

Twitter and Instagram: @Lefthandrob

Facebook: RobertCMurrayAuthor

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