29 April 2014

Culinary Diplomacy in Frederick

The wife and I recently returned to AYSE Meze Lounge on S. East St in Frederick (website - careful, there's audio on page load!) and I used Open Table (OpenTable? openTable? whichever) to make our reservation, and they asked me for a review. And so I reviewed, to wit:

We'd been there before, enough that we had developed a taste for our favorites -- brussel sprouts, saganaki -- and we'd been exploring new foods enough that we were hungry for more -- falafel, mushrooms, spreads far beyond hummus. Muhamarra just so spicy, dancing on our tongues. Paired with a cocktail named and tasting of 'Elysian', plates arrived and we shared and blended and loved the food and each other so that perhaps if they came to AYSE, the Turks and the Greeks would be the best of friends.

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