11 March 2014

Wherein I am interviewed by my hometown paper about "Stand Right, Walk Left"

I was recently interviewed for my hometown paper about "Stand Right, Walk Left," my book of poetry that if you are reading this you must be aware of. 


It's right up there in the navigation.
99 cents for your eReader. Check it out.

The fine professionals at the Herald Mail were great to work with; the entire experience -- from Chris Copley's initial response to my query letter to the smooth and friendly professionalism of Joe Crocetta who made the awesome photo of me -- was a true collaboration. The fact that the editorial staff devoted an entire page (good old C3) to my interview? Well, that is delicious newsprint icing on the word cake, my dear reader. Thank you, Chris and Joe, you guys are true pros (that rhymed. see? Poet).

Thank you also to my family and my friends, who are both support and audience.

Right; back to the writer's desk. These new stories are not going to crank themselves out*.

*What's with all the dangling prepositions in this post? Miss Thornhill, I apologize!

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