12 December 2013

Holiday Pricing Special - If it's Digital it's 99 Cents!

From now until the new year, you can get anything I've published to the Kindle store for just 99 cents.
For that matter, Smashwords titles, too.
If it's an eBook that I've published, it's just 99 cents*!

That's right:

In Heels
Mara's Song
Stand Right, Walk Left
Astounding Adventure Tales of the Improbable

All 4 titles now just 99 cents (each) in their digital form!

(Remember, all my individual short stories are always just 99 cents, 
but are also found in Astounding Adventure Tales AND In Heels)

Get them here:

*The novella Interstellar Conference Call is free on Smashwords, and in iBooks / Nook stores

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