30 December 2013


Because I had the thought, came up with the title, and then I had to run with it.

Anyone who knows me -- really knows me -- knows that I'm into Star Trek like dogs are into potting soil. At least my dogs are. Sure, the yard gets a little extra fertilization, but that stuff gets expensive and it's not good for my houseplants and it can't be good for the do ... right, Trek. I love me some Star Trek. I have since I was a little kid; I am likely the world's biggest Star Trek fan who has never been to a convention. And until recently I was something of a hater; I can confess that now.
I've already come clean on my acceptance of Wesley; thanks to Netflix I finally have peace. Well, mostly, but more on that in a moment. A few months back I began a re-watch of Deep Space Nine, because DS9 was and is awesome TV. Even the low points are still good Trek, everyone knows that. When I finished the run I could have just cycled back through and watched it again, but unlike that other Ron Moore series where all of this has already happened and will happen again, I chose to move on. On to Voyager.
I missed a lot of Voyager during its first run, but managed to catch most of it in re-runs over the interceding years (thanks Spike TV!). It was okay, but in the way we all half pay attention to reruns on TV, what with the commercial interruptions (you should buy my books!) and other distractions, it is easy to let your mind wander. Not this time. I paid attention. Yes, the ridiculousness of "Threshold" will always be there, and the ridiculousness of "WARP PARTICLES" lives forever, but damn if I didn't love every last one of them by the end of the run. I did not want to see it end. Even if I found myself conflicted in that I was still turned on by Jeri Ryan in the catsuit, I was also a bit offended that they resorted to such an obvious ploy. I mean, the woman is quite attractive, but her acting chops were more than up to the part. Conflicted, man. I could sit here and type out variations on those last couple of sentences for a while. So I'll move on. Point is, I used to poke fun at Voyager when I was around like-minded people (you know who you are NERDS) but now I'm a lover, not a hater. I'm down with NCC-74656 and yes I typed that from my memory, not Memory Alpha. See above.
And now I a rapidly coming to the end of my Enterprise run. The show that at the time I was somewhat glad they canceled. It had failed to live up to expectations in its earlier seasons, and the promise of late season 3 and season 4 were too little too late to me back in 2004. I'm older and wiser now, and knowing that I only have 5 episodes of Enterprise left, I'm feeling a little sad. I'm seeing the plot threads that the writers are weaving, I'm seeing Hoshi come into her own as an Aikido black belt (do you captialize Aikido? I feel like one should), I'm hoping Travis gets more interesting stuff to do! The man grew up in SPACE people, he's the guy who flies the fastest ship in human history! Yet he has none of Tom Paris' swagger (Trek swagger, mind you, still something of an imitation of the crown prince of Trek swag, Commander William T. Riker, himself second only to the king himself, James T. Kirk) I got distracted by swagger. Where was I?
Enterprise! Awful Theme music choice aside (Great Adult Contemporary number, though), Enterprise finally figured itself out; we got to see those original races getting their shit together. I remember hearing rumors that Jeffrey Combs was going to join the cast in season 5. Jeffrey MFing Combs. Being deprived of his scene-chewing awesomeness is just the sad blue cherry on top of the entire shit-sundae that I now realize was the cancellation of Enterprise. I would honestly watch 3 more seasons of Enterprise, TV, I promise. Parting thought: Killing Trip was a cheap shot, especially since they had been teasing it for years. That man was tossed, strung, electrocuted, tortured (mental and physical), and alien-impregnated so many times in four years that it's a wonder he made it far enough to get killed. Show's been cancelled for damn near 10 years, so don't cry to me about spoilers.
Other final thought: Hishi and Travis really should have been promoted.
Final other final thought: I hope when Trek comes back to TV it's less frenetic than the current big screen adventures.

12 December 2013

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