10 September 2013

No Brainer

Amazon is at it again, this time allowing authors to bundle eBooks with paperback sales. As teased in the title to this piece, this is a no-brainer for me, like a factory worker infected with some mutated bacteria from unclean pneumatic lines who suddenly develops a hunger for manflesh (what the Hell am I talking about?).
So I have set it up and now when purchasing a paperback copy for proud display on your bookshelf (hey, I'll even sign it for you), gets you the eBook version too. For Free.

You like Free, don't you?

That's right, when you purchase one of these fine works in paperback:

You get the eBook free. Gratis. (Not libertas. But a lot gratis.) I could have charged 99¢ for the eBook bundle, and yeah, I'm working at turning this into my job, but I'm a reader too, and I'd want the authors I read to do something great like this. I've been dying for something like this FOR YEARS.

Ideally, I'd like something where I can have access to an eBook copy for books I've bought in the past.
Maybe I can do something like that for those of you that have bought paperbacks but want an electronic copy. I have my own files, I control my own stuff.

Would you like that?

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