08 August 2013

Dear Steven Moffat

Some Unsolicited Advice:

I wouldn't call myself a "Whovian" because I've missed most of the new run of the show (hey, I'm creating content over here, cut me some slack), but I was a pretty big fan of the Saturday Night re-runs on PBS when I was a kid, and I do fully intend to watch all the new seasons one of these days! I bring this up because the modest uproar over the choosing over YAWG as the new doctor (Yet Another White Guy, see also POTUS*).

I'm not here to advocate one position or another, but to offer a creative option. According to Doctoral (Whovian?) Mythology, El Doctor Quien gets 13 regenerations. Well, what if those are just 13 regenerations as a dude? Number 13 would be another guy (unless you write it so that it's the transitional or whatever, and then convince Olivia Wilde to do another turn as a doctor ... 13 ... and I just blew my own mind!), obviously, but then when that actor gets the type-casting willies too bad and decides to jump ship, you let everyone think "Oh no, what now" and then BLAMMO - La Doctor Quien, a lady Doctor.

Of course, you run the risk of La Doctor and El Doctor running into each other across the expanse of time (hello Nurse, er, Doctor!),  and when you do one of those multi-doctor reunion gimmicks it'll be a little like Smurfette the first few times, but ultimately it solves the 13-Doctors problem (is it just me or has the new run been chewing through doctors like a nervous manager through a pouch of Big League Chew? Crap, should that be a cricket metaphor? Like a wobbly bowler through a pot of Darjeeling? Like an errant batsman through a packet of crisps?) and instead of the NYAWG* club getting page views out of it, the traditionalists can cry into their overlong scarves about it whilst enjoying a pocketful of jellybabies.

What have I missed? Right: Sonic Screwdriver, Fez, Bowtie, Allonsy! K-9 (that's my dawg, yo), etc. etc.

*Until 44

*Not Yet Another White Guy!

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