08 July 2013

I'm on my way! "Interview with Author Robert C. Murray about His Two Full-Length Books"

Scott Butki, interviewer of authors, journalist, educator, and acquaintance of my amazing sister/editor, recently corresponded with me and published this great interview on BlogCritics.org (and elsewhere).

An excerpt from the Interview:

6) Where do you attribute your ideas for your short stories? Would you classify them as science fiction?[...]Great science fiction uses technology, natural phenomena, and far-off settings (distant times and worlds) to address concepts fundamental to the human condition in a way that straight fiction is not always capable of doing because of the restrictions of the times in which it is written. I could make some tortured analogies about my Hero’s opponents being representative of the ills of society and how we need to wake up and maybe be a little “crazy” so as not to be lulled asleep by Twinkies and Pro Wrestling (and maybe in ‘Interstellar Conference Call’, the insidious signal is just that), but mostly it’s just my twisted sense of humor that dreams up crazier opponents for my Hero to ultimately defeat for my own enjoyment.  Science Fiction is a fairly broad term depending on who you talk to, but these definitely qualify as sci fi, if in a 1950′s pulp sci fi way. The more horror-focused stories of Something Gone Terribly Wrong (Rabid Squirrels, factory worker zombies, Robots Out To Kill Us All) still have a basis in science (biological disease, computer virus). “Dial 9 for an Outside Death” is Sci Fi only because of the gadgets employed by my Hero and because it is in the same Universe as the other tales.

Go read the whole thing! If you're intrigued, help support an independent author by picking up one of my books, modestly priced for your reading enjoyment.

Thank you.

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