11 July 2013

Astronomical Interest: Another Astounding Adventure Tale

Only $0.99, exclusively at Amazon.com!

The Adventure continues in the most Astounding tale to date: Computers, Space, Alien Romance, A man framed for a crime he didn't commit (he swears!)

Apparently taking out an alien race's mother-ship is just like lighting up a giant neon sign for this arm of the galaxy saying "HI, WELCOME TO EARTH." And so as my crew and I were the only people with direct alien contact experience (though as I tried to point out most of it involved me shooting at or generally being unkind toward them), the NSA and their psychologists decided that we would be the official welcoming party for the first alien race that came to check out who the new kids on the block were. And the next race after that. And after that.

Available Exclusively from Amazon.com, for your Kindle or Amazon web eReader!

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