04 December 2012

Support an Independent Author & Give the Gift of Reading!

Give the gift of reading this Holiday Season! I have something for everyone in multiple forms and at affordable prices. Pick up a copy in paperback for something to unwrap, or pre-load that new eReader with these excellent titles.

Heart-Pounding Action/Comedy/Scifi: For your cousin who just can’t get enough Dr. Who, Douglas Adams, or Die Hard, there’s “Astounding Adventure Tales of the Improbable”, a collection of short stories that will have your blood pumping and your face smiling.

Life, Love, & Rock n Roll: Looking for something with less violence and fewer explosions? “Mara’s Song” is the page-turner that’s the perfect gift for the novel enthusiast in your life.

Hand-Crafted Poems for All: What about your boss / Secret Santa giftee / person who you don’t know that well but want to get them something that’s not a gift card? “Stand Right, Walk Left” is just the thing. A collection of poetry that is sure to have something that speaks to that place we all have deep down, and won’t you look clever in the eyes of your recipient when you didn’t just hand them a (nother) Starbucks gift card!

For your purchasing ease I have compiled all the links to my titles on one easy to navigate page:  

As always, thank you for reading, and:

Merry Christmas! 
Happy Hanukkah!
Joyous Kwanzaa!

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