18 December 2012

Au Revoir, Instagram

It was going to happen sooner or later. I have simply outgrown the sandbox, its boundaries too confining.  612x612 pixels just are not enough in an 8 megapixel world.  So I'm shutting down my Instagram feed and deleting the photos.

What?  Yeah, it has something to do with the changes to the Terms of Service.  It's not about the ads; I don't mind ads.  Ads are the price we users pay for the Internet.  What I mind is re-using my photos, my composition, my experiences, my friends' likenesses, and re-purposing that content for your own ends, without sharing some of that income with me, the content creator.

But really, 612 pixels to a side and a limited array of filters to make my photos look neat were not cutting it any more.  It wasn't any of the people I follow, or anyone who follows me; if anything I'm hoping to find most of the people I follow on Flickr, where I will now be sharing my photos.  Maybe via Tumblr, where I cross-post my Flickr photos?  There are some good photographers on Instagram, once you get past the spammers and some of the other chaff.

So farewell, Instagram.  You have a good thing going, and you were a fun toy, but I'm off for greener pastures and better terms of service.  Thanks for the filters and the sandbox.

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