13 September 2012

Stand Right, Walk Left - A Book of Poetry and Photos by me

Stand Right, Walk Left 
September 13, 2012
ISBN: 9780988552111
$1.99 - eBook
$8.00 - Full Color Paperback
I started writing poetry as a teenager because it was a clever game, matching rhyme and meter, filling pages with epic tales told in four-line stanzas of rhymed couplets (none of which will ever see the light of day, I pray). It turned into a coping mechanism, and those poems especially have been lost to the ages. The passing of the years has afforded me the time to study the work of great poets, revealing to me the freedom in a line of verse not stuck to a rhyme or even a meter, but inherently rhythmic – musical – without arbitrary restraint, but still within the bounds of its own making. And so I write for the love of the word, of the phrase, of capturing a thought or feeling in a line the same way I capture a moment with a photo.
If you are a reader of my site, you have seen some (but not all!) of these poems posted there. This book is the first of what I hope to be many collections of poetry in years to come, though the next volume may not be so much a picture-book, but it is so that I am also quite proud of my photography work and I think this experiment of pairing photos with poems to help frame the imagery is worthy. If you prefer, however, you may certainly skip the photos, but if you enjoyed the photo pairings that appeared after each poem, you can purchase prints of these and many more here:

http://1-rob-murray.instaprints.com and here: http://instacanv.as/lefthandrob

This is a work of poetry in earnest, but I’d have been remiss if I had not made those links known to you. I leave you, dear reader, with two final thoughts: Yes, I know some of my haiku have the wrong syllabic structure. I strive to be accurate to the form, but am alas only human. 
Finally, it’s my (and every poet, I’ll wager) dream to be read on the Writer’s Almanac by Mr. Garrison Keillor. His is often the voice in my head as I envision my work being read aloud. So, kindly I ask if you’re acquainted with him, please pass Mr. Keillor a copy of my effort, and I’ll say a small prayer that one of these is to his liking, though I hope all of them were to yours.

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