11 September 2012


This has been some time in coming.

     The RCMStudios.net domain has been mine for a few years now, standing ready for whenever I really made a go at being a pro photog, or self-employed web site maker.  While I had it, I started keeping this blog first on MySpace (remember MySpace?  neither does anyone else!), and then moved it here when I realized I was limiting my audience (I think fewer people read it on Blogger, to be honest ... I had more comments when I wrote on my Myspace blog).  Point is, keeping some cobbler's children site up at RCMStudios.net made less and less sense, and eventually I took the plunge and directed the site here.  To my blog.  Which I called "Web-Legos".

     Just begging for a lawsuit from Copenhagen, and I love my Lego™ brand blocks, so the last thing I wanted was to draw their ire.  Plus, I almost never post anything Lego™ related here.  I thought for a time to rename it "Web-Logos", but then people would expect more graphic design stuff than I am prepared to offer, never mind the religious implications when really I meant it from the Greek for 'thought'.

     So here we are.  RCM Studios.  I think there's a Royal Academy of something or other that has an RCM Studio, but they're my initials, and I even have the snazzy logo that I designed for myself a few years back, proudly displayed in the new header graphic that also features some of my beautiful photography.  Which you can purchase.  By clicking any of the links above or to the right so labeled.  There's also a neat book for you to buy (with more on the way! There's a teaser announcement for you)  Tell your friends.

     As always, friend, thanks for reading.

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