19 April 2012


     One of my dreams, if you haven't worked it out by now, is to share my art with the world and have my talent validated in word and cash (hey, I'm being honest here).  Modern technology makes my potential audience enormous and gives me tools to offer my work, my creations, in ways that I wouldn't otherwise be able to.  While I'm able to offer you prints of my photos, I've found a service that is just starting up that will do this for me, while at the same time offering you my photo printed on canvas; always classy.  I'll let them speak for themselves.  From their site:
About the company
At Instacanv.as, we like pictures (especially pictures on Instagram™). Sometimes we also like to put pictures that we especially love on our walls at home. Sadly, its not so easy to get Instagram™ photos for our walls at home though. So we're making the place to do it :)
With Instacanv.as, Instagrammers can signup to sell their art and then people looking for something cool for their walls can buy that art printed on stretched canvas. We'll print it, ship it, and tell you that you're the best too.
BTW, we're not affiliated with Instagram™ in any way, we just think the IG community is pretty amazing.
     To that end, I've requested my own Instacanv.as gallery, but it won't open without your support!  Please click on the link below and hit the Request Gallery Opening! button to help make all our dreams come true:

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