16 March 2012

Wherein I am late to the party: 21 by Adele

    It's reaffirming to listen to a break up album and realize that nothing in your relationship -- or your entire life -- can be analogized to what is being sung; it's high praise when that same album yet grabs you at some level deep beneath words, punches you in the gut, and insists that you listen to it until you know every chord and even the brass riff on that one deep cut that's buried too deep itself in the mix. 21 by Adele, as we all know by now, accomplishes that goal quite nicely.

    Without turning to Google I can already assume from the Grammy love I witnessed some weeks back that 21 has had plenty of critical love poured upon it, and I know I'm late (as usual) to the party -- unfashionably so (again) -- but I just got the album as a Valentine's Day gift (like rain on your wedding day, right?) and fell in love with Adele's voice and her album immediately. I put the CD in the car the morning after I got it and then into my laptop's drive at work. I had the Mrs. listen to it, she who is normally so critical of non-classical singers, and even she likes it! I'll not going into a lengthy analysis of the album, it's been done by those more qualified than I, but I will lament what I intimated earlier: I'll Be Waiting starts out promising, with a nice little horn riff, which is too soon buried in the mix under the rest of the awesome song. I'm very biased in favor of horn riffs, so it had to be said.

    I'm keeping this brief because I know just how late to this party I am, so I'll just say thank you, Adele, for this album. Also, not to lay any pressure on you, but I'm looking forward to your next album. If this is what you can do with a break up, I can't wait to see what comes from your next subject of choice. I have only one suggestion: more horns. I'm available for studio sessions, FYI.

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