09 February 2012

What Hub Opera Ensemble Means (to me)

In addition to keeping this blog fresh with content, being a pseudonymous author, working on a Science Fiction novel, and keeping a (almost) daily journal, I also do the bulk of the writing for the website for the Hub Opera Ensemble.  I was recently moved to write an essay describing what Hub Opera means to me, by way of how I came to be an Opera lover (hint:  it involves the Mrs.).  The essay is over on that site, but here's the first paragraph to whet your appetite for more of my words:

     As a child, my parents made sure to expose me to classical music, and I took a liking to it; the orchestral kind, that is. Until I took Music Appreciation at HCC (then HJC) with Dave Warner, the extent of my Operatic knowledge was from two Bugs Bunny cartoons and some instrumental arrangements I had played in a concert band. When Francesca and I met, I had an academic appreciation for the form, but didn't know much about it beyond fat bearded tenors and buxom blondes in breastplates and horned helmets. I had so much to learn.

To read the entire essay, click here. And come see Carmen in June.  It's going to be awesome.

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