17 January 2012

Dear Domino's (wherein I make a suggestion or two)

Dear Domino's,

     When you rolled out your new and improved pizza last year, the Mrs. and I decided to give it a try.  We love it, especially your thin crust. The sauce is delicious, the cheese flavorful, the veggies look like vegetables on the pizza and not processed vegetable cubes that went through some manaiacal auto-dicer, and the crust is crispy and delicious.  It's almost perfect; and that's just the pizza.
     As good business people, you understand that it's more than just the product that keeps customers coming back, you have to have the value-add.  The je ne sais quoi that the American consumer demands, though some of them might have second thoughts if they knew I used French to describe it.  But I digress.  Your value-add is also darned near perfect.
     The delivery drivers are always pleasant and it's a joy to receive my dinner from them, piping hot and with a smile.  The pizza is piping hot and the driver is smiling; I'd be concerned were it the other way around.  Your web-based ordering is spot on, and your iPhone app is likewise a joy to use, but note on both counts I've said "almost perfect".  I have a pair of suggestions.
     One:  Lay off the garlic butter, guys.  We ordered a Brooklyn style or two recently and even though the part with the cheese and sauce was fabulous, the crust had me tasting garlic for the next three days.  Being too well acquainted with your old-style of pizza I know that back then the garlic butter was the only thing saving those poor pies from Atacama-like dryness and flavor similar to that desert's floor.  But now, now!  Now as you have told us on TV and demonstrated by dancing across my tastebuds, your pizza doesn't need this cholesterolic crutch, this garlicy stereotype of overpowering ugh.  I'm sure I can ask for it to not be slathered over my crust, but in the name of pizza lovers everywhere, ditch the garlic butter.  Put it in little cups so that if we want to dip our crust in it we can, but don''t force it on us.
    Two: Re-write your iOS app to either be a Universal app, or make one for iPad.  iPads are awesome for stuff like ordering pizza, and I've used the iPhone version on my iPad in the past, but it's crashy now and I have to use the website, which of course requires Flash.  I'm not writing to argue Flash or no, I'm writing to ask you to give us, your customers and fans (I love the pizza boxes, by the way), an iPad native app.  I'm certain you've used iPhone apps doubled up on your iPad, Domino's person reading this.  You know that it's a sub-optimal experience.  Your app is great on iPhone, but all that iPad real estate is there, begging for your designers and devs to let me build my own pizza with dragging and pinching and spinning and clicking and ultimately buying from my friendly neighborhood Domino's.  The tracker rocks, though.  Don't change that.  That is value_add++.
     so, to summarize for your boss to whom you'll be showing this:  Your new pizza (and cheese bread) is awesome, but lay off the garlic butter! Your iPhone app is really cool, but show the iPad some 9.7" display love! Let your pizza breathe!  And thank you.



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