03 September 2011

One of these things is not like the other...

     I posted via Instagram (and subsequently Twitter & Facebook) the following image, taken on the train on my way to work yesterday morning:

One of these things is not like the other

      "One of these things is not like the other" I stated.  And because I want to practice my drawing I offered to draw something of the correct guesser's choosing. A vigorous (for one of my posts) discussion erupted ever so briefly on the social media, and quickly fizzled when the guesses weren't what I was thinking.  As it's been over 24 hours and everyone else has moved on, I've decided to let everyone off the hook.

     I offered 2 clues:
  1. It's not Tracy.  
  2. It has to do with their characters, not the actors.

     The Mrs. got it with those clues last night over dinner, but I disqualified her (I'd draw whatever she asks anyway).  Ultimately it's not that exciting, but it was enough to irk me, and compel me to act.

     Look at each of the photos.  Alec Baldwin is Jack Donaghy in his photo, as Tracy is in his Jordan persona (TJ bling), Jane Krakowski is in a very Jenna pose, as is Jack McBrayer decked out and hamming it up as only Kenneth can; and yet there is the outlier.  Liz Lemon has never been so well-styled, nor has she ever worn such a calmly confident look on her face. 

     It seemed like such a revelation, an observation, an "aha!  gotcha!" moment.  My brain properly caffeinated and rested this afternoon, as it can only be on a Saturday afternoon, the perspective shifts and this doesn't seem like so much "aha!" as it does "huh".  So to all who played along, thanks.  If you've read this far, I still want to practice my drawing, so if you post a request in the comments below I'll draw it for you.

For my friend the Anonymous Commenter:

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Anonymous said...

I would like a drawing of an anonymous commenter please. Thanks.

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