16 September 2011

My gift to you

     On this my 35th birthday and the start of my vacation I offer you, dear reader, a glimpse into my mind. You've been warned.

     After just over a year (since I began my awesome job down in DC) I recently ended my hiatus from the morning crossword puzzle, finding it to be a fun way to get the brain working before I hit the office every morning.
     This morning, as it is with many, I was stumped by a clue:

  • 7 letters.  
  • 5th letter "G"
  • 7th letter "N"
  • The clue: This language has no word for "hello".  


     I more recently discovered that a day's work can shift one's perspective nicely, making a clue that was impossible at 8:30 self-evident 9 hours later.  And so on the ride home this evening I stared at the unsolved blocks that taunted me, and stared some more.  Worked some random permutations of what it could be, considered what I know of different cultures around the world, like how "aloha" means both "hello" and "goodbye", and still came up empty -- but then it hit me.  It fit, and damned if it wasn't the answer:
     K L I N G O N
     Klingon.  Klingon. I was initially pleased to have solved the clue, then a little embarrassed that I knew it, then proud that I was that smart, then a little embarrassed that I remembered that the Klingon phrase used for greeting instead of hello is 'nuQ neQ' or some-such and means "What do you want?"
     Not that anyone reading this should be surprised, but there you have it.  Capital N Nerd.  If you feel this gift to be insufficient, I will draw suggestions from the comments.  As you can see from the last time I made this offer, I need the practice.

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