25 September 2011

Always look up when opening a window (a poem)

It was the end of September, when October's first blush can be seen if you're looking for it when I realized that all crockery exists in a state of not-yet-broken.

16 September 2011

My gift to you

     On this my 35th birthday and the start of my vacation I offer you, dear reader, a glimpse into my mind. You've been warned.

     After just over a year (since I began my awesome job down in DC) I recently ended my hiatus from the morning crossword puzzle, finding it to be a fun way to get the brain working before I hit the office every morning.
     This morning, as it is with many, I was stumped by a clue:

15 September 2011

Haiku I have tweeted in the past year or so

     I searched through a timeline of my tweets for "haiku".  I found the below works, collected here for your possibly second installment of enjoyment.

     Some observations:

  1. Apparently my mind is desperate for escape while commuting, because these were all composed during and half are explicitly about travel.
  2. I am unable to remember the proper number of on per line for haiku.  I believe it's 5-7-5, but at times I get confused and do 7-5-5.  
  3. I thought I had posted more than 6, but unless I failed to tag them, this is the lot.

     Without further comment, haiku:

Golden leaves dance on the breeze
downward pirouette
Autumn's leap of faith


Rain rain rain rain rain rain
rain rain water rain
inverted fountain


Sun blasts through dusty window
lungs fill with exhaust
Hell is other cars


Where sunlight has no purchase
all eyes averted
we ride the Metro


Rainy Wednesday is here
train idles pensively so
thirsty trees drink deep


From sunlight into caves gone
Quit poking my ribs! 

09 September 2011

Crisis of faith

     My kingdom for a horse of veracity. 

     The elected leaders of the free countries of this earth are empowered not only by the laws they uphold and create, but also by the faith of those who have sent them to do these things. The faith that a person elected will come together with the other elected representatives of the people to wisely consider all sides of an issue before laws are made or enforced.  The faith that these elected men and women will represent the interests of the constituency that sent them to office and not a constituency of cash or ideology. The faith that these are open-minded people who have been sent to office.  I have lost that faith.

03 September 2011

One of these things is not like the other...

     I posted via Instagram (and subsequently Twitter & Facebook) the following image, taken on the train on my way to work yesterday morning:

One of these things is not like the other

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